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Blanca is a cheese factory and Charcutería de Mataró, was founded in 1982. It is a traditional store located in the Municipal Market of the Plaza de Cuba, where our constant search and knowledge about the products we sell, allows us to offer our store a long list of top quality items. The direct and friendly treatment is our hallmark and we want to continue for you, our customers. Do not hesitate to visit us. We are sure that you will find the products you are looking for.
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It is a fresh cheese, which is made of buffalo milk, in the shape of a small sack, it is originally from Publio, from the south of Italy. Buffalo milk is richer in proteins than cow's, as it does not have carotenes, burrata is whiter. It should be kept cold, bathed with a serum so it does not dry out.


The guanciale is fat with veins of lean meat. It is a fatty cut of pork or bacon, which is extracted from the cheek between head and shoulder, very similar to bacon. It can be tasted naturally, cut into slices or tasted lightly heated over slices of bread. Its most frequent use is in sauces such as amatriciana, which is a fundamental ingredient, with onion, tomato and pepper. It is also found in the recipe for pasta carbonara and bean with guanciale.

Recuit de la Fonteta

El recuit it is a product that combines perfectly with all kinds of tastes and aromas. It is very appreciated as a dessert, alone or accompanied by sugar, honey, jam, fruit, chocolate or quince jelly. However, it can also be incorporated into salads or first courses.

Peach in syrupr

Producció artesanal amb producte propi d'Aitona, molt sucosa i dolça.


It is a raw goat milk cheese with acid coagulation with florid skin. It is a soft cheese and creamy texture with 2-3 weeks of ripening. It gets a fantastic sensation that reminds of the sour cream due primarily to goat milk, it has an end that remains in the mouth.


Les tapes

Tallant un Parmigiano Reggiano